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We have an extensive selection of all types of quality carpets with a wide range of colours and finishes to suit all budget, whether you require plain, patterned or textured. For details of individual carpet styles please see drop down menu .


Types of Carpet

There are essentially two ways in which carpet is manufactured: either woven, which is the absolute best quality and more expensive option; or tufted, which remains the most popular option – almost three quarters of carpets sold in the UK are tufted.


• Axminster carpets are woven. It is possible to use a vast number of colours in the weaving process, resulting in highly decorative designs

• Wilton carpets are also woven, but only five colours or less can be used, so they tend to be plainer designs.

• Tufted carpets are made with tufts inserted through a backing and then stuck. This is a quicker and cheaper method than the two described above.


Carpet Textures

• Velvet is a cut pile carpet with a smooth, luxurious look and feel.

• Twist pile is similar to velvet but the fibres are slightly twisted, giving it a more textured surface. Twist pile is hard wearing and easy to keep clean and is probably the most popular kind of carpet.

• Saxony is a luxurious, deep pile plush-velvet carpet.

• Loop pile carpets replicate the appearance of natural flooring.


Dublin Heathers

£5.00 sq mt

       Hong Kong Saxony

£6.50 sq mt

        Eminence Stripe

£8.00 sq mt

           Noble Heathers

£7.50 sq mt

1 4 3 2


£5.50 sq mt

Revoultion Heathers

£6.00 sq mt


£4.00 sq mt

Moorland Twist

£5.00 sq mt

7 5 6 8 HongKong-92-Carpet HongKong-92-Carpet

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