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Underlay is an important factor of your fitted carpet, it is in effect the foundation for your flooring.


We only use high quality products, beware of cheap low quality Chinese imports from eBay.


• Provide luxury and comfort

• Protect & prolong the life of your new carpet

• Help your carpet to look better for longer

• Provide excellent sound and heat insulation.


You will spend a lot of time, trouble and money selecting your new carpet so it makes sense to protect it with a good quality carpet underlay. Your underlay provides your carpet with essential support and so you should always buy the best underlay that your budget will allow.


Some carpets are manufactured with a built-in underlay but most carpets are "hard backed" or "secondary backed" and it is vital that they are fitted with a good carpet underlay.


Underlay acts as a "shock absorber" between your new carpet and the floor. Floors themselves have no "give" or resilience, so when you walk on a carpeted floor with no underlay all the pressure is absorbed by the carpet, rapidly accelerating its wear.


When an underlay is used it takes all the pressure, "cushioning" the wear and protecting the carpet.


This "cushioning" effect also adds an extra dimension of comfort to your carpet, giving it a really luxurious feel underfoot. In addition, an underlay provides good heat insulation and is excellent at absorbing noise.


Always use the best underlay that you can afford.


Our underlay range 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm Carpet cushion quality product made in the UK.






£25- ROLL


£20- ROLL


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